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We assist companies with digitization and long-term care of their electronic documents. We ensure the legal validity, readability and indisputability of these documents in line with digital trends and EU regulations.

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Ensure your digital documents legal strength of paper documents accross the EU.

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We are Software602, a Czech software & solutions provider with over 20 years of experience. We have grown from a developer of PC applications to a system integrator for large-scale enterprise projects.


Software602 is a Czech software provider with over 20 years of experience. . On 1st January 1991, the authors of the legendary text editor Text602 founded the company Software602 s.r.o. , which later, in 1995, transformed into the joint-stock company Software602 a.s.

The company is currently focused on:

  • delivering projects utilizing its own electronic form solutions for creating xml data and managing workflow
  • digitization of these processes by means of server tools
  • treatment of data for safe and long-term storage.

The company is the market leader in the area of electronic form solutions, especially in public administration, and cooperates on projects with key system integrators. The company is the main supplier of authentication communication technologies for Czech state administration.

It is certified according to the international standards of quality management ISO 9001/10006/20000 and information security management ISO 27001; company’s key employees are holders of certifications ITIL and Prince2.

Software602 a.s. employs more than 100 people. Its turnover for fiscal year 2012-13 was more than CZK 200 million (EUR 8 million).

ISO 9001:2008 is the latest version of the generally acknowledged quality management standard. It provides shareholders, customers and other involved parties with certainty that an organization under evaluation performs its activities on the basis of properly defined and efficiently performed processes. More information

ISO:/IEC 27001:2005 is a standard focusing on information security management. It assures that a certified company realizes how valuable information is, adopts necessary steps (technical, organizational and personal) for protection of information, these steps are part of a comprehensive system and are incorporated in directives that are really followed. More information

Key project managers and technical experts of Software602 are certified according to the ITIL methodology (Information Technology Infrastructure Library). It is a set of instructions and procedures for providing IT services designed to ensure that only such activities are implemented which bring the customer added value and that these activities are carefully monitored and controlled. More information

Some consultants of Software602 are certified according to the international method of project management Prince2. This method was originally developed for the British government, but later it was adopted also by other European governments, international organizations such as NATO and EU as well as hundreds of commercial organizations. The difference between this method and a comparable method, such as the American PMI, is its comprehensivness. Prince2 covers an entire lifetime of a project, from making a decision whether to implement a project through to evaluation of results. The Prince 2 method assures that nothing is forgotten and all areas of a project are under control. The methodology is regularly updated by current experience from management of IT projects; its latest version was issued in 2009. More information


Konica Minolta

We have cooperated to simplify the process of digitalizing invoices, documents and other records whilst maintaining their legal validity. The solution meets all requirements of the European and Czech legislation regarding archiving. At the same time, it provides potential users from the area of both public administration and the commercial sector with assurance that their digitized documents will be accepted.


T-Systems, as a provider of cloud infrastructure, ensures maximum security and accessibility of the portal This portal provides services for verification of certificates of electronic signatures and time stamps. At the same time, it provides a high quality and easily accessible source of qualified time stamps and other services for these solutions and archiving systems.






Long-Term Docs – Make your electronic documents legally and technically future-proof

The new service, Long-Term Docs from Software602, automatically applies legal certifications and future-proof formatting to your digital documents. All in one simple package.

Owners of important electronic documents can depend on the fact that their documents will be readable and legally valid 10 or 30 years from now - when they store them with the help of the Long -Term Docs service just launched by Software602. Long -Term Docs users store their secured documents anywhere, in their own storage systems or even in the cloud (Microsoft Office 365, Google Drive, etc.)

"The recently issued EU directive on electronic documents clearly states that no authority in any EU country can reject a document because it is in electronic form. It also says that electronic documents have the same weight as paper documents in demonstrating legal evidence. This same principle is in fact already implemented in numerous EU countries as part of national law - for example in the Czech Republic," said senior consultant at Software602, Martin Vondrouš. "It is also important that there are standards that describe exactly how such a document should be prepared for long-term archiving and how it should be cared for. Thanks to the Long-Term Docs service our customers are assured full compliance with the law without having to change anything. We are able to process their documents directly from where they are already stored."

Long -Term Docs is unique in that documents never leave their storage location. It is therefore possible to meet the toughest requirements for information security. The service is delivered via T-Systems’ secure cloud service and operates only on the metadata of the document, i.e. the information about the certificate authority that issued the certificate used for the signature, the expiration date of the certificate, hash control, etc. It is impossible to determine the contents of the saved document using any of this data.

Another unique feature of Long-Term Docs is the ability to verify documents with electronic signatures from every qualified certification authority in the EU. In addition to the usual text documents, the service can also process pictures, videos and any kind of other data from business information systems.

Long -Term Docs offers the following features:

  • Checks that the format of the document meets the specifications PDF/A (an ISO-standard format that guarantees that the document can be opened and read in the future regardless of software changes)
  • Automatically converts documents to PDF/A
  • Checks whether the document contains data and attachments necessary for future authentication, automatically connecting any missing data/metadata
  • Checks the validity of electronic signature certificates from all accredited Certification Authorities in the EU
  • Applies electronic signature and/or timestamp in case either are missing
  • Regularly checks and attaches "fresh" timestamps to maintain the legal continuity of digital documents